Mission & Vision


Allegro Furniture services, where various furniture categories are offered to consumers, are shaped according to the needs of the sector. The efforts we continue in digital environment with the power we receive from technology are carefully presented to ensure that the quality product reaches all over the country.

Our company, which comes to mind when it comes to furniture and home accessories, determines its product range in accordance with world trends. Our corporate services that shape the industry and ensure its growth are provided with the understanding of quality products with world standards.

Allegro Furniture Vision

Among our basic principles; it is based on the principles of efficient, effective and respectful communication equality. We value employee and customer ideas and expectations, and focus on changing life expectations in our product selection.

Our Customer Satisfaction Policies

The services we continue in a solution-oriented manner are provided by friendly teams.

  • While meeting customers' expectations
  • To add comfort to daily life and
  • Facilitating tough living conditions is our primary goal.
We regularly update and improve our site design to make the online shopping experience enjoyable.

Openness to Change

Our teams, always pursuing the best, high quality and aesthetic, reach the result with inspiration from daily life. We try to be different to catch the difference. We develop ourselves and increase our equipment thanks to the internal trainings of the company, which we regularly carry out.

Our collection, which combines quality with aesthetics, can be used with pleasure in any environment regardless of time. Our products, which are considered in detail, from material selection to color preference, are designed to last a lifetime of the new air created in the houses.

Respect for the Environment

Social life and environmentally sensitive production are among our standards that we will not compromise.

The predetermined corporate culture;

  • Equality
  • Honesty and
  • It is focused on moral values.

Allegro Furniture, which has a wide product range that shapes life, adds value to living spaces with modern and innovative approaches. Our rich collection, where affordable prices and quality product policies are shaped in line with customer expectations, is appreciated in the online market.

Our service standards, where expectations and needs are met at the highest level, have been determined with an institutional understanding. Turkey's four corners services we take quality furniture, develops gather together all the colors of life. Our teams, which undersign the inspiring designs, always work to achieve better with the power they receive from technology.


We aim to provide quality product service to our customers at all times in our business where we lead the change and innovation in bedrooms. To date, from many different parts of the world; Our company grows and develops every day thanks to our customers with whom we have agreements from many different cities in our country. We are developing our products in accordance with the changing fashion understanding and furniture types.

Our models, which are among our most fashionable products, have helped us reach today. We continue to serve our valued customers with our different and creative products that we exhibit in our furniture business in İnegöl. You can choose us to have products at affordable prices without compromising your quality. While defining our mission, it will not be possible to bypass our comrades, our furniture and our teams.